Antique and Collectibles Dealers Wanted

Kingsway Antiques & Collectibles opened in September 2018 and we are still accepting antiques and collectibles dealers. The mall has 15,300 square feet, which is spacious enough for 68 booths, a tea room, a kitchen, a dealers' lounge, two ADA compliant restrooms, a shipping and receiving station, and wide aisles. We also just expanded and opened up a 2,800 square feet show room that faces Illinois Avenue and has helped bring in a lot more traffic. We also have several display cases.  

Click here to download the floor plan of our main area.

Click here for floor plan of our showroom

Our distinctive location inside the Kingsway Center, inherently presents itself as a desirable location to sell antiques and collectibles. Much like a department store, customers feel welcome and at ease while maneuvering about. Located near several other home decor retailers such as Family Dollar, Morrison Supply, Sierra Tile, and two furniture stores; along with the City of Midland Health Clinic, the Spirit of Halloween store, a church, a restaurant, a hair salon, Daytime Bingo, and a school, our location receives a massive amounts of foot and vehicle traffic. 

Kingsway Antiques & Collectibles provides dealers with the opportunity to form a low cost resale business, fortified with large amounts of traffic and an aggressive and ongoing advertising campaign. Dealers can choose to occupy the standard 10' X 12' booth, a larger 10' X 14' booth, or rent a display case. The booths are fully equipped with electricity, lighting, and monitored by state-of-the-art security cameras. The mall will also own and operate a tea/coffee room, and serve a variety of desserts, and drinks. The tea room will seat 20 to 24 patrons.

Our mission is to establish the most respected and sought-after antique mall in Midland, by both customer and dealer. We will achieve this goal by applying our core values to everything we do, by providing superior customer service to both dealer and customer, and by promoting a friendly, fun, and pleasing environment everyone will enjoy.

Our goal is to do everything in our power to help our dealers sustain profits every month. To achieve this, we will featuring our dealer’s merchandise in a clean environment and exhibit an exciting and fun atmosphere that keeps customers coming back. We will aggressively promote our dealers merchandise in a variety of advertising campaigns, and list items on our eCommerce website, on eBay and other online marketplaces, and on social media. And we will handle the shipping and handling for all items sold online. To draw in even more customers, we will also host special events at least once a quarter. 

During the summer we will have an outdoor sales event in the north parking lot. Vendors, dealers, and food trucks will be invited and can sell anything. We will schedule public events such as presentations by local experts, exhibitions of specialized private collections, appraisal and identification days where people can bring their items to get appraised. We will also invite local artisans to demonstrate their unique crafts, and we will entertain our guests with local musicians and comedians. We will also orchestrate scavenger hunts or treasure hunts by developing riddles and treasure maps that lead decoders to our store to find free hidden treasures. These events are proven to be quite successful at bringing in new faces and can draw traffic and jump-start sales during slow periods. Shopping parties bring in crowds, create a festive atmosphere, and generate good word-of-mouth advertising. Special sales with giveaways, entertainment, and mystery discounts appeal to the classic treasure hunter who enjoys a good bargain and the overall exciting shopping experience. 

Customer service is our priority. As an antiques and collectibles mall, we will have customers on two fronts: our dealers, and our shoppers. We respect the fact that it is our customers who ensure our success, and we recognize it is our duty to keep them happy. The key to happy customers is not to think of them as people paying rent, or buying a product; rather, we believe it best to think of them as real people purchasing solutions to real problems. It's imperative that we understand and identify with our customers so we can better understand their needs. The better we solve their problem, the better their experience, and the more likely they are to return and tell others about us. We also feel it is important to treat our customers with respect. We will be kind, virtuous, and serve them all with a grateful heart.

Our dealers' opinions are important to us. Therefore, we host monthly dealer meetings, where we hear from our dealers as a whole, brainstorm ideas, and vote on ideas with the purpose of solving problems and making the mall a better place to work and shop. Dealers and shoppers have the opportunity to place ideas and complaints in a lock-box, all of which are read, discussed, and resolved during the dealers' meetings.  

If you would like to become a dealer in Kingsway Antiques & Collectibles click here or give us a call at (432) 262-1048. We welcome you with open arms.