Our Team

Jana Morrison :

Jana was owner of Curiosities Antiques and Collectibles mall, where she grew the business from twenty dealers in 2010 to sixty-five dealers in 2012. After two years of growing her business, another local business outbid her on the lease for the building she occupied and she decided to sell the business to one of her dealers who moved the business to a building on Florida Street.

The unique set of skills that allowed Jana to grow the store so quickly and successfully came from her knowledge of antiques learned from her involvement in her family business, Watley Furniture Upholstery, one of the oldest businesses in Midland, opening in 1958 and closing earlier this year. Her father, Dub Watley was the artisan and craftsman who many local, national and international antiques owners relied on to reupholster their treasures. Working in the family business, Jana grew up learning about antiques from a very young age, where she helped clients in their homes, choose from the large selection of fine fabrics and trims available from national and international fabric companies. Jana had an opportunity to become familiar with retail business and the Dallas Market in her many years as decorator for her family’s business.

Jana later worked for Drexel Heritage and was trained as a designer where she developed a fine sense of design and merchandising. 


Jason Morrison :

Although Jason does not have the experience merchandising and selling antiques his mother has, as former owner of a real estate trading company, he brings an abundant amount of business, sales, and customer service experience to the table. For several years, Jason coordinated the acquisition and remodel of residential real estate for the purpose to resale property for profit. During this time, Jason developed and launched advertising and marketing campaigns, which paved the way for him to buy and sell an average of fifteen houses per year. He negotiated purchase and sale prices, and inspected, managed, and oversaw improvements, major repairs, and remodeling of residential properties. He researched and analyzed real estate markets to determine trends and home prices and advised buyers and sellers on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters. He also handled all the business' bookkeeping needs and trained and managed employees to perform many of the above mentioned tasks.